Albert Einstein – His Human Side


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Author: Swami Tathagatananda
Publisher: The Vedanta Society of New York
Pages: 189
Binding: Paperback


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Author: Swami Tathagatananda
Language: English
Publisher: Advaita Ashrama Kolkata
ISBN: 9780960310463
Binding: Paperback

About the Book

“In this book on Einstein, characterized by brevity and depth of insight, Swami PTathagatananda discusses some of Einstein’s biographical details, some of his ideas on sci¬ence but all his essential ideas on life. His book will appeal both to those who want to under- stand Einstein and to those who want to understand life, and thereby alleviate their suffering It will appeal both to the scientist and to the general reader. One can emulate Einstein’s curi¬osity, his sense of wonder at life’s mysteries and above all, rise above “the vanity of human desires and aims” with their disappointments, suffering and tragedies, this veritable “vale of tears,” through unselfish work, service of others and a sense of the Supreme Intelligence pervading everything.”
Hon. Nirupam Sen – Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations

“In Albert Einstein, His Human Side, Swami Tathagatananda sketches the main periods in Einstein’s life and career in thematicaliy arranged chapters that reveal his familial, philo- ! sophicai and humanitarian facets. Unusual and valuable is the book s privileged view of the ” scientist as seen by a revered spiritual teacher of the Ramakrishna Order. Tracing mystical currents that run through Einstein’s thought and work, the swami enlarges our perspective on the man—not only as a scientific genius, but as a great soul.”
Prof. Beatrice C. Johnson, MA – Professor, Los Angeles Harbor College, Wilmington, California

“In addition to sharing with the reader many of the details of Einstein’s life, Swami Tathagatananda calls our attention to the central role of harmony in his life. Firmly rooted in his sense of wonder and feeling, the harmony to which Swami Tathagatananda refers is both musical and spiritual, manifest in the scientific theories Einstein posited in his pursuit of better understanding the nature of the universe. The author casts Einstein as a critically cre¬ative thinker for whom the arts and sciences were not mutually exclusive but co-dependant, a man whose complexly inclusive vision of the world allowed him to be a “militant pacifist” guided by a strong sense of a power greater than himself that could be illuminated through science. It is these very human characteristics that the author highlights in this volume”
Walter Gershon, Ph. D. – Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

“Today the world knows Albert Einstein as a synonym for scientific genius, the man who showed us the fundamental unity of mass, energy, time and space. In this book, Swami 1 Tathagatananda highlights Einstein’s humane genius, informed by his understanding of the fundamental unity of all beings. We learn of his passion for peace in the turmoil of war, his fight for tolerance and understanding against hatred and injustice, his sympathy with the plight of common people. It is a vital and necessary message for our times ”
Alex S. Johnson, MA, Author – Professor of English, Los Angeles Harbor College, W Wilmington, California

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