Katha Upanishadam (Maranathirku Pinnal) (Tamil)


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Author: Swami Asutoshananda
Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math Chennai
Pages: 190
Binding: Paperback


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?What happens after death? ? a pertinent question in the minds of everyone is presented in this Upanishad from Yejur vedam. This highlights the perseverance of Nachiketas, the personification of Sradha, truth and sincerity in finding one what happens after death. Bestowed with 3 boons by yama, the lord of death, the child Nachiketas is hell bent on his search for truth, without yielding to temptations of pleasures of this world.
The 119 verses one split in to 6 chapters under 2 divisions. The chapters are:
Chapter 1: Story of how Nachiketa went to Yama, the 3 boons etc.,
Chapter 2: Live with discrimination
Chapter 3: Arise, Awake
Chapter 4: You are that
Chapter 5: Death & After
Chapter 6: Conquer death

Two specific knowledge a)Nachiketa vidya and b) Anghushta matravidya are explained in this Upanishad so as to conquer death and realize God. The dialogue between Nachiketa and yama stand out supreme knowledge transmitted by Guru to disciple. Swami Vivekananda?s fondness for this Upanishad is well known.

This book contains verses in Sanskrit, transliteration in Tamil and Swami Asutoshananda has handled the Tamil explanation of these verses with the background of commentary by Sri Sankara and other learned scholars.

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