Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam for India

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Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam for India

Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam is a family magazine that focuses mainly on Hindu spiritual traditions, self-development for youth, students and teachers, inspiring pictorial stories and educative narratives.

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    Excellent magazine that is both spiritual and nationalistic while developing values good for whole humanity. And very very nice stories too.


  2. Mohan

    A must-read book for all students to mold their future in the path shown by the saints, sages and eminent leaders from all religions and regions of the world.


  3. Kumar

    very useful book for all.


  4. Siva

    The Only Useful Magazine, Which has messages to All Age Readers..!!!


  5. Saradhamani

    Ramakrishna vijayam is one of the best magazine. Vijayam helps a man to grow in all good ways. Really if we want to do good for anybody else please make them to subscribe vijayam.


  6. Ganesh

    A great source a energy upon reading, very nice magazine very much relavent in this present world.


  7. ram

    Ramakrishna Vijayam is a magazine for the entire family, from children to grandparents. The magazine encompasses all walks of life. I was surprised to read stories stressing the importance of organic farming, small business, as well as global events. It is a must for all school children. The priority given to patriotism while communicating values on bhakti is commendable. Pranams to Swamijis and Brahmacharis who are working hard to bring out Ramakrishna Vijayam. For me, Ramakrishna Vijayam means visit of Holy Trinity to my home.


  8. Nagarajan NARAYANAN

    This is a wonderful magazine which should be in possession of every household. The family members will be greatly benefitted in the path of spiritual enlightenment.

    Nagarajan NARAYANAN

  9. ragupathy



  10. spradeepsundar

    My grand father used to get the copy of this magazine 3 decades back . I am happy to subscribe it now. I love the contents which helps to keep us on track. Excellent work 🙏


  11. Kuppusamy R


    Kuppusamy R

  12. Siva

    Very useful and much needed information to all


  13. Ramya

    Wonderful magazine. Includes articles on spirituality, devotion, stories and even a section on humour. Worth reading. It is definitely an investment


  14. Arunkumar Udayakumar

    It’s really makes my soul pleasant when i read. Reading each and every content of Ramakrishna Vijayam helps to keep patience, it reduces my angry and gives me a very good positive energy. I keep on doing this…. I am very happy for doing this

    Arunkumar Udayakumar

  15. Karthikeyan Sankaran

    we will get holistic and spiritual experiences by this book

    Karthikeyan Sankaran


    The magazine gives many useful and significant matters based on our culture,tradetion
    and ,religious


  17. Sankaran k

    Ramakrishna vijayam is the magazine for all ages for taking them in right path.very informative

    Sankaran k

  18. Praveen Kumar

    Excellent and informative resource to help people to know about human values.

    Praveen Kumar


    This magazine is sacred when it is in the home.The contents will give youngsters to lead a clean life


  20. Madhavi Thirumaran

    It’s must magazine for all.

    Madhavi Thirumaran

  21. Dr s Venkatraman

    the essentials for spirituality is well guided in this book

    Dr s Venkatraman

  22. Sivakumar Balasubramanian

    Very good informative articles on our rich culture ! Keep up the good work

    Sivakumar Balasubramanian

  23. Sankar C

    Very useful family spiritual magazine every family can read.

    Sankar C