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Learn to Live Volume – 1

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Author: Swami Jagadatmananda
Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math Chennai
Pages: 256
Binding: Paperback
eBook: Kindle edition


970 in stock

Swami Jagadatmananda, the author of this two-volume book, was a senior monk of the Ramakrishna Order who had worked with and guided youth in India. He first wrote it in Kannada. It became a bestseller and was therefore translated into English. The 250-page book has about 100 self-explanatory heads making it highly readable and interesting to the readers.
The purpose of the book is to help all people, especially the youth, in cultivating and controlling their minds and hearts and making them spiritually strong, courageous and upright. The author presents a philosophy for life with interesting incidents, illustrations, examples and insights from all over the world to guide and goad the readers to achieve excellence and reap success.
The readers can have this book as a manual for right living.

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  1. Ashish

    The best thing that ever has happened to me, is that I came across this books this has made me change my perception of spirituality, religion, faith; to know our true self.
    I am for sure this is one of the most simplified forms of understanding yourself; God and lead a happy life.
    Even reading Bhagavad Geeta or Ramayana; interpreting the values or the true teaching is difficult, but this book does it all.
    I wish I came across this book a little earlier in life; would encourage all youths to read this book.
    This book teaches us how we can easily advance in life and achieve our goals.
    I have been influenced by books like You Can win By Shiv Khera & One small step can change your life , the Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer
    Are there any books like the above authors or if it’s still in making would be waiting for the same.

    I am reading the Learn to live Life Volume 2 of this same book now.

    Thanks for the Excellent books


  2. Shweta

    This book is an excellent guide for youngsters on how to live their life fully.Life is not about excelling in education,but about learning values and imbibing them in your life.Some instances in this book are very nicely stated…for example at one place,it says “Dont forget that you are the maker of your own destiny.Be prepared to take every responsibility.”
    At another place it says “A man who is lazy and has an unsteady mind does even a simple task in a shabby manner.”
    Again at one place it asks what causes haste,confusion and anxiety and it very well answers it by stating “The failure to think calmly and quitely before taking up any task.”
    Every youngster should read this book for self development and if he wants to be successful.